Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 30 -- Safety Net

This isn't what I'd planned on writing today and I don't have a picture or even a concept of a picture to go along with it but for now I don't care.

I've posted before {this year and others} about my gratitude for various parts of the gospel.  Tonight I'm grateful for the church and the safety net of people automatically in place.  The friendships that grow from there are wonderful and having great neighbors helps, but knowing that a late night call can calm fears and give hope when needed -- even if things aren't dire is comforting {that warm fuzzy inside sort of comforting that I wish could last forever}  Tonight I'm grateful for people who answer the phone, those who pick up the phone and call when needed, those out there ready and waiting even if they're never needed.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 29 -- Tough Days

It's not the easy days that shape our character or carve beautiful landscapes out of the mountainside, it's the tough days that you want to go hide under a blanket and don't {or perhaps do for a while and then you get up and face the world with a brave face} That's when we truly become who we are meant to be.{yes I was really cold.  The wind was blowing and my toes are finally just warming up}

This one really is worth clicking on it to see it bigger or even better, click here to see it in lightbox.  I promise, it's worth it.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 29 -- Tough Days (different edit)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I noticed this evening I've passed up 900 views.  Not bad for a blog that I write to no one and for myself, right?  I have been sharing my 30 days posts, but before that not much.  We'll see if I keep spamming FB with my posts or not, I haven't decided.  Part of me is curious about who's reading what I'm writing and if it's the same people or not {I highly suspect a lot of my readers are FB friends}

As the 30 days project draws to a close I've made a few observations.

  1. I stuck with it this year with just a little bumpy patch through Thanksgiving weekend when I was out of town.  
  2. I am nowhere near done being grateful -- I *am* grateful that if at the end of the day I realize I haven't taken a picture today it's okay I can still go to bed and not stress.  Today's snap of a picture that made me frustrated I didn't have the time or the light I needed made me realize how important it is to me that the images reflect my feelings.  
  3. I have really missed shooting.  I think it's a part of me that got lost for a while in the turmoil.
  4. This year feels worlds different than other Holiday seasons, kind of hard to explain but I'm going to sit back and enjoy it.
I really do shoot for myself and write for myself, a blog is just an easy place to think through my fingers {I noticed a blog titled that today, I don't know if I subconsciously stole it from them or not, but I do feel a twinge of guilt using it} I want to keep shooting, even through and around the barriers that block my way.  I'd really like my last few November posts to be strong but I don't have a clue yet what to do for them.

I am going to do a weekly gratitude post, it will give me more time to get a great image and hopefully have some meaningful words to go with it so don't fret -- I'll keep spamming you a little more.

30 Days of Gratitude Day 28 -- Michael

Yes, I know and I'm not going to entertain discussion about how I used the on board flash. You don't like it you can move right along. Getting a picture was more important than waiting and getting the picture I'd hoped for.

Michael gave us a run for our money when he was an infant, so much so that Charlet thought the best restaurant in Salt Lake City was The Rainbow Cafe and the folks at Ronald McDonald House knew us by name. So much of that experience has led me to where I am now, how I treat patients and their families and showed me that I can do things I didn't think I'd be able to. We watched his growth (and shrinkage) ounce by ounce and stood on the brink of interventions I am grateful that we didn't have to do. He's now 12 and 5'8" and just over 100 lbs. When I was putting him in newborn sized clothes on his first birthday I never, ever thought we'd get to the point that his feet are bigger than mine and he's just shy of outgrowing me.

Along with figuring out how to grow he's also done some pretty amazing things. Anything that needs "some assembly required" he's your go to guy. Anything hands on he's all over it, making sure it gets done and done right. {Hmmm, aren't dishes hands on?} When I look at his hands I see Gromps' hands.  I first noticed it in this picture by P&G Photography.  I wanted to capture his hands as I see them, similar to this one from summer 2006


However, he is at an after school program until 5 when we've lost light and I'm not letting him tear apart another bike for the sake of a picture {although I was tempted if we'd had light} so I popped up my on board flash and got this one.  I love you Michael, you continually do things that amaze me.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 28 -- Michael

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 27 -- Keep us Safe

It's not uncommon for police departments, fire fighters, and EMS to get attention and much needed kudos for all they do to keep everyone safe. Not as often noticed but still important are Search and Rescue (SAR), road departments {yes, county road guys I saw your road closed sign as I drove past and got stuck on ice yesterday} utility companies that come out at all hours if needed.  Not as high on keeping us safe but still very appreciated are the trash guys who make my life so much easier.

This picture is of Dancer a SAR dog from Mesquite finding me over the weekend with my nephew Charles being the one who was working him.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 27 -- Keep us Safe

Monday, November 26, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 26 -- Flowers

From the first glimpse of life in the springtime to late fall desert blossoms I'm grateful for them all.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 26 -- Flowers

Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 25 -- Simply Grateful

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 25 -- Simply Grateful

Friday when we were rappelling I started to get pictures of some of the knots in the ropes {yeah, that was when I realized I had the wrong lens on for what I wanted} starting to formulate a 30 days post in my head.  Trust.  Safety.  Adrenaline {nixed that one, I wanted this post to be more thoughtful}  Bounced back and forth between safety and trust.  We're only safe when we're obedient though, that should fit into there somewhere too.

I kept thinking of the list of things we do to help keep us spiritually safe, started to turn it into a mental check list for where I am at too. You know the list of Primary answers that answer almost everything {because the plain and simple answers are truly where our strong anchors are} I had those on the list and like every other time I made a list about things that need to be done I started to get overwhelmed.  I haven't {anything} enough lately.  Things have been going well and of course habits starts to slip.  Fall asleep exhausted before evening prayers.  Rush out the door without spending some time to read and ponder.  Do I have to mention how easy it is to skip Family Home Evening when I work on a Monday?

I stopped brainstorming this post and made a mental note that those kinds of lists don't manage to keep me on track.  I got my picture of the knot, well not the exact picture I'd hoped for but I'm happy with it anyways.  I was harnessed up, hair pulled back, gloved up and clipped onto the rope.  That safety line that would keep me tethered and safe not free falling to hard ground below.  I even had my camera with me, debated about having Kim stop me on the edge of the free fall to get a picture {frustrated at myself for having the wrong lens on}  I back up to the edge, grateful that my arm has healed to where I can go rappelling again, listen to a few jokes about the camera {I had it inside my shirt so it wasn't bouncing around} and back up.

If you haven't been rappelling the initially leaning backwards over the edge of a cliff is by far the scariest part, also important to note here is that your dominant hand is your brake hand {I'm right handed}.  The longer it's been since you've been rappelling the scarier it is.  The list runs through my head.  Can I see red on the harness?  Does the figure 8 look right?  I don't have the gloves with the wear spot in them do I?  Are the leg straps on the harness tight enough I'm not going to get that tiny bit of slip that makes your heart race?  Camera staying out of the way of the figure 8? {how do people secure their camera equipment who go rappelling with it?}

Soon all the fears go away and I'm having fun, thinking next time I'm leaving my camera elsewhere {besides, I don't have a single picture of me rappelling ever I bet I could trust one of the older girls with it and get a picture of me}.  Maybe, it is my baby after all.  I'm at the edge where the free fall starts and you have to lean back just like you do initially and I take a breath and lean back.

In a fraction of a second I realize my right hand has lost it's grip. I'm trying to figure out if I can move my left hand to be a brake since I wouldn't have to step over the rope and WHY???  I have had very few gripping problems with my right hand.  How far from the edge of the free fall to the bottom?  Is that very big rock at the bottom below me or Felisa? Drop and roll, I can't forget to roll.  Oh, what will rolling do to my camera.  I can't break anything I don't have anymore time off of work.  I don't want to ruin everyone's rappelling trip.

Then the rope goes taught and I slow down.  I realize I've only slipped a foot {if that, but I promise it was scary and a million things ran through my mind} and have my back to the wall.  I still don't know if at that point my brake hand would work but I couldn't figure out how to spin myself around.  Kim lowered me safely to the ground and all was well. I've never had to rely on the belayer to keep me safe, other than when going down with kids and having them help do some of the work but I've always been grateful they're there.  This weekend the gratitude goes a little  farther.

Sitting up on the hill taking pictures I realized that one thing on the list that I've been missing is the importance of good friends.  Friends who know that a simple tug on a rope will lower you safely down, friends who know the difference in "can we go for a walk sometime, I'd like to talk" and "is there some time today we can talk?"  isn't about word choice but something deeper inside.  A phone call to just see how things are going or a text on a day that could be extra lonely.  Good friends have kept me safe, stopped me from falling off the edge and kept me grounded.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 24 -- Light at the end of the tunnel

For those of you in the middle of nursing school, trying to get into nursing school, working on endless prerequisites for nursing school know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no it's not from a train.  It's from the NCLEX and you will survive.  So will your patients.

I first felt like I was living in a tunnel just waiting to get out in nursing school.  It lasted for what seemed like an eternity.  The first semester with Lynn?  I felt like it was as long as the rest of schooling I'd done up until that point.  I was completely over "Utopia General" long before mid-term.

I've since come to realize that life is just a series of tunnels {trials really, some we get ourselves into like the nursing program and others we get put into kicking and screaming} that yes we can get through and we will be able to walk in the sunshine again.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 24 -- Light at the end of the tunnel

Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 23 -- Rappelling

This one just so happens to be a part 2, watch for Sunday's post for my philosophical ramblings.

I great big puffy heart rappelling.  On a bigger scale than softball when I'm rappelling all I'm thinking about is rappelling {really, I don't want to go flying down because I was distracted thinking about something silly} and the adrenaline rush of falling backwards over a hill is wonderful.

I've never had to be belayed, until Friday when my right hand decided that it was through gripping just as I came over the edge where you start to free fall.  Those of you keeping track, my right hand is the one that hasn't been operated on but had the more severe carpal tunnel.  Elbow was fine.  I'm fine {thanks again Kim for saving my life}  

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 23 -- Rappelling

On the road...

Didn't think about it but I should have pre-typed these up, phone posting leads to shortcuts not eloquence. Stay tuned for posts tomorrow night...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 22 -- Work

(picture to come later)

I am grateful for work.  Yes I'm {retro} posting this on Thanksgiving when I am required to work as a reminder to me that I am grateful for the opportunity to provide for my family.  The schedule isn't perfect, but honestly no matter what the schedule I'd always be missing something, little things at school the kids want me there for to things like working the holidays.  My gratitude extends beyond just having something that I can do to bring home a paycheck but something that I {usually} enjoy doing, coworkers that I look forward to seeing, and being able to take pride in my profession.

Beyond employment I am grateful for a healthy {?!?!?} body that allows me to work, to haul wood, care for the animals, wash dishes {did I really just say I'm grateful for washing dishes?  Nope, grateful I have a body that can -- important difference there} and work hard at playing hard.

P.S.  Picture will come, I just haven't gotten one yet and I wanted to catch up from my mini road trip without skipping.

P.P.S  Ha!  It let me change the date, unless you've been following in real time you'd never know I'm behind.  

A Day of Thanks

I find it interesting that on Thanksgiving, presumably the day that started the original 30 days I'm not posting a 30 days. I will make it up I promise.

Kids are with their Dad this weekend, I worked last night and tonight.  I got a decentish nap on Wednesday but I have realized and accepted I can't cut my sleep short 2 days in a row much less 3 and I am planning on heading south tomorrow.  I seriously contemplated sleeping until 1 or 2 today then getting up and going to Beaver to eat with Russell which would have been fine time wise if everything was on schedule.  Anything not on schedule would have messed with the whole thing and I would have been rushing and stressed to make it back to work.

I am grateful I have a job that I enjoy, I am grateful that this year when I don't have my family around me I was able to work so that others can be around theirs {and that I'm able to go in a little bit early so someone can leave early}, I'm grateful that I am actually working instead of stuck in town on call.  I'm grateful that being part of my family isn't a major holiday or wedding type event, we're family 365 days a year, this year 366.  Hopefully some leftovers will find their way to me this weekend.  If not I'm making turkey dinner next week!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 21 -- Music

Someone once said that for art to exist there needs to be people who perform the talent and others who appreciate the talent {paraphrased from the depths of my mind somewhere}.  I fill that last roll very nicely,  my main musical talent is turning on the radio.  I'm wonderful at it, really.  It is on my bucket list to be able to play something other than the radio.  I'd be thrilled if I could sing.  Listening to music, most genres, really moves me though.  I can't tell you much about it other than whether or not it stirs my soul and that's enough for me.

Fortunately my kids have more talent than I do.  Charlet plays the flute, Michael the tuba, Kaede loves to sing and I hope chooses to participate in band as well {she doesn't realize she'll have to pick between band and choir in 6th grade though}.  

I didn't have the time to play with as many angles and perspectives as I'd hoped for and I have to thank Greg for helping me bring my fuzzy idea into reality -- even though it's not exactly as I'd hoped yet.  I'll play again another day.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 21 -- Music

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 20 -- Modern Medicine

From new medical technology that saves lives to simple things like ibuprofen I'm grateful for what modern medicine has to offer, even if it doesn't make a beautiful picture.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 20 -- Modern Medicine

Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 19 -- Kaede

Our Bishop once described Kaede as having an exuberance for life and it may be the most accurate description of her I've ever heard. She loves life, she loves people, she loves animals. Quite simply, she loves. As an infant, even an older infant, she would snuggle into your chest until she melted into you. She still gives some of the best hugs and cuddles of anyone I know. She has the ability to bring a smile to my face on even the darkest of days. {yup, it's an old picture -- it's been that kind of day}

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 19 -- Kaede

Sunday, November 18, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 18 -- Friends I can carry around in my pocket

What feels like forever ago when Michael was a baby and instead of living day by day we were going ounce by ounce never going more than 2 days without seeing a medical professional of some kind I came across a wonderful group of friends at and an amazing amount of support from around the world.  I'd head off to an appointment at Primary Children's and knew I had a group of friends with me "in my pocket" I learned how to be an advocate, which questions to ask, how to communicate my concerns, questions and wishes to his medical team from Monday night chats. Okay, there was a lot more than Monday nights but they were my favorite. Hmmm, maybe has something to do with me enjoying night shift now?

Technology has changed, social media has changed and now I quite literally still carrying around the same group of friends (plus a few others I've collected over time) in my pocket.  I've been known when I'm facing something that seems like I'm alone to take a deep breath and realize that I have a pocket full of support.  Cracked screen, worn out keyboard and all.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 18 -- Friends I carry around in my pocket

30 Days of Gratitude Day 17 -- Beautiful Sky

Title as I wanted it? 30 Days of Gratitude Day 17 -- Beautiful Sunsets errr Night ummm Evening Sky

I froze my fingers, toes, and bum off trying to get some nice sunset pictures, would have loved a night sky too and as long as I'm headed up the mountain why not make an evening of it, right?

It was cold, bitter wind that blew over my tripod {camera attached but fortunately around my neck} and my fingers and toes are still frozen hours later. Some lost pictures {yes, I could have prevented that one} and I am still grateful for our evening sky. Too many clouds to catch the sky on fire and definitely no starry nights. Next time I'm going up in the summer!

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 17 -- Evening Sky

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Softball is a pretty big part of my life. I have very few memories of my summers not involving the smell of dirt and grass on the field, the crack of the bat when it connects. Several years it has been watching Charlet play {I'm sad that she said she doesn't want to anymore -- but it's her decision and I'll support her efforts in track} but my favorite is to be playing.

Planting your feet in the batter's box, the feel of the ball flying after it connected with the sweet spot. {Not so much running the bases, but hey nothing is perfect and it's not a far distance} Something about being on the field and playing the game clears my head putting everything back into perspective {yes even the base running part}.

 I'm not putting this down as a gratitude entry because while I am grateful for softball I am really sad that right now it's not softball season or even a day I'd be able to bribe someone to pitch to me so I could hit a few balls and I promised myself I'd stay away from snarky, sarcastic gratitudes. I didn't walk yesterday, spent the day sitting at the hospital with a very dear friend.

Perhaps a nice long walk this morning will help clear my head. I can pretend it's warm outside.


{I can't find the picture I wanted, so this one will have to do}

Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 16 -- Scriptures

This is one of those days that what I'm feeling inside is struggling to come out in words.  To describe how I feel, much less why I feel that way has been impossible and feels even more so tonight trying to write this post.  I sit here, tears building up and wishing I could just hand you a package and have you understand how I feel.  {and so goes many moments in my life}

When my home is filled with peace everything seems so clear, difficult and perhaps insurmountable but definitely clear, until I step away from the safety of home.  Work, school, bills, conflicts, friends and life seem to quickly muddy things up and difficult becomes overwhelming and confusing.  Which way is up?  How I do I move forward?  Am I drowning?  Why doesn't life come with an instruction manual?

Well, turns out it does.  It just takes time, effort, and diligence.  Even with that when life hits hard it can still seem impossible and perhaps not even worth it.  I promise, it's worth it.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 16 -- Scriptures

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 15 -- Family

I'm writing this early because tomorrow has the potential to be a little bit crazy.

I'm so very grateful for my family. Things haven't always been smooth sailing for us, but the kids and I have stuck together and made it through {not that we're to through yet, but we've made far?} The importance of family and especially putting the kids needs before the rest of the world has had a new meaning for me the last few years. It's not always easy and there are definitely times when you have to make choices between two {or more!} right choices or two wrong choices -- praying that you will do what is best. It's easy to let life become a barricade to what needs to happen to make it where you want to be with everyone's sanity mostly intact.

 You may realize that pictures are important to me from snapshots, taking pictures, nice portraits, beautiful landscapes, shots of kids just being kids. {if not you don't know me very well} This fall after I started back to work it became very important to me to have some nice family pictures taken. I have almost no pictures of me and the kids and have been on the lookout for our perfect photographer. No one locally was right for me. Well, until I happened across P&G Photography and the wonderful combined talents of Greg and Paul.

I've never been so completely happy with pictures when I've placed such an important meaning on them.  They are exactly everything I had dreamed about and I don't think anyone else could have accomplished so much.  If you want to see the rest of our session you can find it here or give me a while and stop by the house and see what I've done in the front room to do the pictures justice.

30 Days of Gratitude Day 14 -- Lunch with a Friend

Early last spring {I really want to say it was around my birthday or shortly after} I started having regular lunches with a friend.  At first it was absolutely thrilling to be doing something for me.  Without kids coming along.  Somewhere along the way I realized that it wasn't as thrilling but it had become very important.  No matter how ugly of a week I've had {or am looking at depending on what's going on} I have an hour each Wednesday that I don't stress about anything and I almost always spend most of it laughing.  It keeps me grounded with my feet under me. I've been known to work Tuesday night and Wednesday night and interrupt my sleep for lunch because it's become that important.

Since I've been back to work our lunch spot is the Little Brick House.  Wednesday is likely to find us sitting in a side booth eating soup in a bread bowl. {really the booth should be ours -- someone else was sitting there today and it completely threw me for a loop, fortunately they left before DiAnna showed up.  I wonder if left a tiny sign saying "Reserved for Wednesday 11 am" if they'd move it or not}  Their sandwiches are the best in town too, but I absolutely love their soup.  I've not had a soup I don't like from there.The bread bowls are heavenly, but require a creamy soup not broth based so I prefer to go on a day I know there is a creamy soup -- either potato bacon or clam chowder are perfect.

This is definitely the wrong time of year, but warmer weather may find us sitting at a bench in the park.  Lunch out this year had kept me going -- pulled me out of a funk multiple times during my LOA when there wasn't much else I could do, makes me smile when it feels like I have nothing to smile about, and lately when things have been going well it's just a great time. Days like today when on the way home from lunch I'm interrupted with a sick kiddo call from school it makes all the difference when the rest of my plans suddenly go awry.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 14 -- Lunch with a Friend

Vein procedure, Day after

Wow, I don't hurt today as much as I thought I would. Last night I was really sore, but part of that is the workouts we've been doing at work. Outsides of my legs/butt are sore, in a good way. Inside of my right leg is sore, much better when I keep it up and don't move. Unfortunately moving it isn't optional. Two 30 minutes walk each day and I'm not taking any time off. I plan on packing it in ice at work -- I don't have the ice packs with me here.

About 4 hours after my appt time I didn't feel good at all.  Part of me blames the valium, but honestly I don't think it was that.  Part of the ride home are foggy or missing from my memory {of course clear as day me getting dizzy and nauseated though} but the evening is bad.  Clearing everything out of my schedules on Tuesdays through Christmas.  Hopefully with my morning appts things will be a  little more normal by the time the kids come home from school.  Definitely a dinner in the crockpot kind of day though.

Over all, wasn't too bad.  I did already put a run in the stockings and I think I'm just out of luck -- fortunately it's up high.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 13: Warmth

My heart is breaking into a million pieces for several friends this morning and I'm struggling to find the words. Every one of my friends who is hurting so acutely today has been there for me when I've needed someone. I can hear the hurt in all of their voices, I sat at work and had to take a moment to collect my thoughts together because of their pain.

Today I'm grateful for the warmth that they've brought into my life at various places, the times I've seen their number come up on my caller ID and I just knew that in a few seconds everything was going to start to seem a little better. The times they've seen right through "I'm okay for now, I can deal with this all later" knowing that I needed something right then. I could write a small book about the numerous times they've been there when I needed it.

I pray for each of them that today they can feel some of the warmth they've given to me. What I wouldn't give to be able to wrap it up in a box and take it to their doors. I love you all, please know that I mean it when I say "please let me know if there is anything, no matter how small that I can do for you"

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 13 -- Warmth

Monday, November 12, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 12 -- Friends

The picture isn't what I had wanted but I couldn't find the ones I wanted and I didn't have enough time to spend scanning things forever.

I'm beyond grateful for all the friends I have.  From the ones I had in elementary school and High School practical jokes to the ones now who somehow know a difference between when there's time can we talk and I need someone to listen to me STAT even when the words I use are the same.  I have friends who have magically shown up as I was my last bit of patience to see if I wanted to go get a soda and go for a ride.  Friends who get excited with me over silly little things.  There is no way I could have made it through the last few years without the quality of friends I have who love me, flaws and all.

I'm also grateful for my kids' friends and the people in their lives that have been there for them, whether they are aware of it or not.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 12 -- Friends

Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 11 -- Those Who Risk Their Life to Keep Me Safe

Sometimes a picture says more than any words I could add.  Once again, thanks Val for letting me share this with you.

Welcome Home Soldier

30 Days of Gratitude Day 10 -- General Conference

Twice a year we have the opportunity to be spiritually fed (or rehydrated, per Brother Huff)in a feast like no other. When I was a senior in high school we had the opportunity to go with Seminary Council and it was a great trip.

This year, very last minute I had the opportunity go in October, largely because we have some awesome coworkers. Not only was it Conference, it was a road trip in the motor home, wonderful experience I suggest everyone takes advantage of if they have the opportunity. My only regret is my kids couldn't come {this time, I hope that this is a this time type story}  I slept through most of the other 3 sessions though, I am so excited that my copy of The Ensign came today so I can read them, study them, mark them.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 10 -- General Conference

Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 9 -- Heritage

I'm grateful for my heritage. Whether stories of pioneers pulling handcarts across the plains to grandparents who helped teach me how to work, how to play, how to love I am grateful.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 9 -- Heritage

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 9 -- Heritage

Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 8 -- Faith

When I first started my 30 days this year I planned things out a little.  Right to vote on November 6th, Sundays I'd post about something belief based, each week I'd do one of the kids with a few other guidelines to keep me going.  Yesterday being my day off I went out to get a few pictures to have to work from on days I'm busy.  There was also a nice fall breeze with the sun shining -- exactly what I wanted for Sunday's post.  I didn't realize I'd need it more now than on Sunday and really I try to live my beliefs 365 not just on Sundays so here it is.

Last year when I posted about faith I described the kind of faith that warms you from your head to your toes and makes you want to shout from rooftops.  This year I'm going to the other end of the spectrum and am very grateful for the quiet subtle faith that like the whisper of a breeze through grass lets you know that everything is going to be okay and you are just fine.  Look to the sun and feel the warmth on your face.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 8 -- Faith

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 6 -- Right to Vote

Yes, yes I know.  Those of you who are my Facebook friends know that I am not into discussing politics at length in that forum.  You can also add in work, over a friendly lunch, school {unless it's for Donna's Politics and Policy class}  I have tried very hard to cut sources of contention out of my life and arguing over politics fits that category especially since I love to play Devil's Advocate.  I doubt arguing and yelling has ever changed anyone's opinion.

What I enjoy so much more than arguing over who should be president {really, I live in Utah -- my presidential vote isn't going to change anything} is local politics.  I went to the drug store today to pick up a couple of prescriptions and there was one of the candidates working behind the counter.  He called me by name, my needs and health (or current lack of) seemed to be most important to him right then.  I wished him luck today and he smiled and thanked me, mentioning he'll be glad when today is over.  I'm not some prominent community member that everyone knows, and unless you frequent the local ICU chances are you don't know who I am -- but he does, by name.  Local politics is why I get out to vote.

I feel strongly that it's important that everyone gets out and votes.  The political climate is becoming more volatile with each election cycle {yes, that's just my perspective} and each opinion is important.  Let your opinion be heard by voting today.

Today, I am grateful for my right {and responsibility} to vote.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 6 -- Right to Vote

Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 5 -- My Neighborhood

I know I do this one every year, but every year I have another full 365 days to be grateful for the neighborhood we live in.  Families who keep an eye out for the kids when I can't, those who take an honest interest in their lives, soup that just shows up when I'm sick.  I am also grateful for our location, when it's been needed I have been able to walk to almost everywhere we needed to be.  I should add to that I'm grateful that it's been since Charlet was in elementary school since I've been stuck on foot for an extended length of time.

My Neighborhood

Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 4 -- Charlet

Evening of Excellence is in just a few hours so I'm mentally gearing myself up for it through this post. Our first Evening of Excellence I was completely unprepared to see Charlet from a different perspective. When we had our family pictures done this year I saw Charlet differently in the pictures.  Older, more mature -- not my  little girl anymore.  Evening of Excellence does the same thing, gives me a preview of who she is becoming and where she can go and it's always been just a little more than I was prepared for.

This last year Charlet has done amazing things, she stepped up this summer while I was out from surgery and kept things going around here.  I know she was ready to be done by the time I could use my arm again, but I am so proud of her for standing up and doing what needed to be done.  She is a great big sister and through all the fighting and quarreling I've seen her stand shoulder to shoulder with her siblings when needed.  I could go on forever about how she amazes me every day with her energy and loyalty.  I love you Charlet.

30 Days of Gratitude -- Day 4:  Charlet

Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 3 -- Temples

I had originally wanted to do a different gratitude today, but waited until too late to get what I needed for it. Maybe down the road I'll switch around the order of the days.

 For a short time I hesitated to post this, having recently read some of the stories in the news lately and my gratitude for temples is very personal but I couldn't deny it so instead I'm going to leave it short and sweet. Temples and temple work have changed my life and has brought peace to my heart when I thought it wasn't possible.

Salt Lake City LDS Temple

Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 2 -- Home

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 2 -- Home

Home is much more than where you live.  For every person you ask for what home means for me you will have a different answer.  My answer?  Home is where you want to be when things aren't going quite right, where you feel loved unconditionally.  When there is a storm raging outside home keeps you safe and warm. Filled with laughter, tears, and friends home is always there for you.

This past year I've been doing things specifically to make my house fill like home.  Most of them you can't see in a photo, but this photo does a good job of representing everything.  (and yes, I know my WB was way off.  It has been forever since I've made that mistake)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude Day 1 -- Days off together

30 Days of Gratitude -- Days off together

We've been crazy busy at work lately and it has created all kinds of havoc on my schedule.  Working 12 hour night shifts makes it even worse because unless I have days off together it almost is like I didn't have one off at all because I feel like I lose those days either recovering from nights or prepping for nights.  Today especially I am grateful for 2 days off in a row that is allowing me a full day of housework {okay, I'll be grateful tonight when I can go to bed happy about what I've accomplished instead of frustrated about what didn't get done}

30 Days of Gratitude -- What is it?

Four or five years ago a friend did a 30 Days of Gratitude photo challenge. Beautiful pictures with beautiful thoughts. Every year since then I've joined in (I don't always do it perfectly, but I always try). Last year after I started posting them on Facebook as well I started to notice a lot of people were doing it as well (minus photos), I know there are a lot that do it through Flickr. The rules are simple, every day a picture with a blurb about why that picture is symbolic of something that I'm grateful for. We all know how well I do things that are daily with my schedule so I'm going to be using the delayed post feature on here fairly often but my challenge, my rules I can do what I want. I'd love to have you join along and I'm going to create a list of those participating so if you want in and want a gratuitous link to where you are posting let me know or leave a comment.